Dear Customers,

Below are some instructions on how to treat your garments, so that they can last as long as possible and in the best condition. We remind you that the raw materials of some items like wool, derive from animals and out of respect we ask you to treat the garments responsibly by taking care of them. We do our best by choosing noble materials coming from responsible producers with animal welfare certifications and full respect for work ethics, but, the road to real compliance with the rules is still long, whatever they say, and it also requires your commitment. In our opinion this is the only possible real sustainability of fashion.

Don’t hesitate to ask if you need further information about how to take care of your garments but begin respecting the washing instructions on the label.


To retain this garment’s integrity please take the following steps: wash on a delicate cycle or by hand, arrange flat on a towel to dry, rotate to remove moisture from both sides and when dry, apply a cool iron. You can professionally dry clean your knitwear if that is your preference - dry cleaning can flatten the fibers. Cashmere and wool fibres like water to keep them supple and flexible.

In case of pilling, after the drying, we recommend the use of a lint remover - fabric shaver. Please follow the producer instructions carefully and after one or two cycles of shaving, your knit will definitively minimize pilling.

It is not necessary to wash your wool knit after every wear frequent washing can cause damage and fading. To keep your knits fresh between wears by let them air out, for example, laying them flat on a chair overnight. If your knit picks up smells or odours throughout the day, (e.g., from perfume or cooking), put it over you can let it air outside, flat and away from direct sunlight ; if you have a cast iron radiator, put your knit over it for few hours. Store your knitwear folded to keep its shape.

Repair - if you have small damages - please contact us at and we can try to help fix it.

Woven - Cotton / Linen / Silk

We recommend that most pieces be dry cleaned - to retain the integrity of the fabric and the finishing. If your preference is to machine wash at home - please wash inside out on a low temperature delicate cycle, iron while slightly damp. Please note that some of the fabrics we use are not mercerized therefore the color can fade or bleed while washing - you can always contact us to double check if the garment is machine wash safe.

Woven - Wool / Suiting

Dry clean only.


This model was achieved with a material resulting from a special hand-crafted manufacturing process making it a « unique piece ». Differences in tone and texture are hence to be regarded as a sign of good quality and a distinctive feature. Avoid long exposure to light, heat and humidity. Clean and maintain your boots with specific products intended for natural leather.